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SMM Networks is the Provider and also Premier Reseller Most of the Social Media Marketing Services on the Web. Our SEO & SMM website will Increase your Social Media engagement and Ranking. SMM Networks is The best smm service provider 2020.

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Terms & Condition

The services provided by SMM Networks work agreement to these terms and conditions. Before using or registering, read them, and agree that you have read the agreement fully and understand each word clearly. It would be a huge problem if you didn’t read the agreement before using the service. There are some important conditions before you use this service. We can assure you that, if you agree with all those terms and conditions it would be a great journey between us. Follow the general terms to get the best service ever.

  1. General

First of all keep in mind that, you automatically accept all the terms and conditions if you have placed an order with us. It is our fundamental right to change or modify any terms and conditions at any time. To get the most updated service, you must read out the agreements before placing an order. We carefully follow all the general agreements of different social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc, and if you are willing to take service from us, you have to maintain that too. Keep in mind that, these are fixed terms; we can change the terms and conditions sometimes.

We do not have a fixed delivery time. We plan the best time for delivery of the service. We also have a refund policy if you think that the service is taking a lot of time, but keep in mind that, we always try to provide the best and flawless service. We always try to deliver it at the perfect time.


Keep in mind that, we won’t take any responsibility for your business regarding any matter.


We are not liable for account suspension done by any kind of social media like Instagram or Facebook. We are also not responsible for picture delectation.

  1. Service

We work to boost up your Instagram or Facebook accounts only.

Our service doesn’t include interacting with new flowers. Only we can give assurance that you get the followers you pay for. Our account may not consist of a full bio, profile picture, and uploaded pictures. We are trying hard to make this a reality for those accounts. We do not allow any nudity or illegal material to upload in our service. We are also strict about this for the other social media. Keep in mind that we do not offer a refund for private accounts. So, make your account public before ordering.

Refund Policy

We do not offer any refund for your payment method. You can’t reverse the deposit after it is completed once. The deposit procedure will be completed after the payment. You can’t take any legal actions for refunds.

If you still take any charge against us, we have the legal right to terminate or eliminate your order. Moreover, we can ban you from our site. We have an equal right to take away followers from our clients. Remember that you can get any refund after placing an order. So, it is your duty to check out the quality, service, and cost-benefit before ordering.

We won’t sphere any kind of fraudulent activity such as using stolen or dismissed credit cards. We can terminate that order at any time. Fraudulent activity such as using unauthorized or stolen credit cards will lead to using more than one page for our server may hamper your order. It can decrease your follower numbers.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy emphasizes how you use personal information on our site. We care for your privacy and personal information. We will take important measures to protect your data. We will not use any personal information while filling your order. We don’t offer any redistributive or selling personal information to others.

So, these are all terms and conditions to get service from us. We hope that you will get the best service from us. Keep in mind that you should read and understand the full document before you place an order. We hope that you will experience the best journey with us.

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